A Well Lit Space for Making: A Crafter’s Shoppe & Studio.

I’ve set out to find such a spot for the keeping and teaching of the art of handmaking. A space that is both a mercantile of inspiration as well as a working studio where crafters of all sorts meet to teach and share their unique skill sets with others who yearn to learn the art of making. With a place in mind, I’v been assembling a vision of what will be… enjoying the dream! A special thank you to the makers everywhere that have inspired this in me.

Brooklyn Tweed Sloped bind off- great for sleeveless garments

Such a pretty way to shape the sleeve bind off.  Slopes are always more graceful than edges. Remember when you asked why you needed to learn Math? This is why. I’m preeeeetty sure the first time I ever encountered the Sloped Bind-Off was in a Brooklyn Tweed pattern (that has come up again so often […]