Designs on perfection: spinning mind and yarn…


img_2516Two weeks into my garment’s design I’ve been fighting the urge to scrap everything. So bad was the compulsion to ditch and dash – halting one thing only to frantically start another, I nearly began spinning a different weight yarn. Stop the madness… right!
So in an attempt not to get too ADD-OCD  in the pursuit of perfection… IMG_2506a false state of being that keeps one running after something unattainable because frankly that apex of existence never exists anywhere at anytime, I pause. Oh for fuck’s sake…. I need to take a deep breath, get a grasp on reality… well at least as it pertains to hours in a day, skill set, reasonably wearable knitwear, and the 4 week deadline awaiting me at the end of this journey. Clearly I need to reevaluate what my sweater is about. While I love the design conceived earlier this month, the reality of knitting this bad-boy is far less attractive than the dreaming part. With a check on ambition and hubris, I’ve reined myself in and came up with something a little more doable… God willing…. please be willing!



WIndrush Fair Isle II

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