Lollipops and Yarn  


Baby Girl and I are kindred spirits without a doubt. In fact Baby Girl coined my now well known name Baa. Not sure how she came to equate me with sheep, maybe it’s the hair? Maybe it’s the wool, the yarn, the shared love of sheep, our visit to the farm to see lambs when she first started to walk. Hard to say. This weekend Baby Girl, now two, quietly rummaged through my yarn, gave it some thought, tapped me on the shoulder and asked that I find her some yarn sticks. “YARN STICKS,” how perfect is that? Of course they’re yarn sticks, totally makes sense. Digging out a spare needle I handed her the yarn sticks and she excitedly propped herself up on the couch beside me where she happily wielded her yarn sticks in and out through the yarn until she triumphantly announced that she had finished her lollipop.  Desire to create starts young and never ceases to provide our spirits with joy!

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