A Well Lit Space for Making: A Crafter’s Shoppe & Studio.

As a student of the California Culinary Academy in the late eighties, I walked to school along Van Ness Avenue near the Civic Center… always an interesting experience I assure you… quite a colorful group of residents back then! It was on one of those trecks up Van Ness that I passed a bookshop the likes of which I had never seen before. These were the days befor Amazon, Borders, and Barns and Nobles – all three of which literally whiped out the independents. At any rate the shop was called A Well Lit Place for Books… and it was just that, a well lit place for books. I’d find myself there after class browsing through pages of books in a room flooded with natural light. It was such a pleasure! With this place in mind, I’ve set out to find such a spot for the keeping and teaching of the art of handmaking. A space that is both a mercantile of inspiration as well as a working studio where crafters of all sorts meet to teach and share their unique skills with others who yearn to learn the art of making. With this in mind, I’v been assembling a vision of what will be… enjoying the dream!

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