A Well Lit Space for Making: A Crafter’s Shoppe & Studio.

As a student of the California Culinary Academy in the late eighties, I walked to school along Van Ness Avenue near the Civic Center… always an interesting experience I assure you… quite a colorful group of residents back then! It was on one of those trecks up Van Ness that I passed a bookshop the likes of which I had never seen before. These were the days befor Amazon, Borders, and Barns and Nobles – all three of which literally whiped out the independents. At any rate the shop was called A Well Lit Place for Books… and it was just that, a well lit place for books. I’d find myself there after class browsing through pages of books in a room flooded with natural light. It was such a pleasure! With this place in mind, I’ve set out to find such a spot for the keeping and teaching of the art of handmaking. A space that is both a mercantile of inspiration as well as a working studio where crafters of all sorts meet to teach and share their unique skills with others who yearn to learn the art of making. With this in mind, I’v been assembling a vision of what will be… enjoying the dream! Continue reading

Lollipops and Yarn  


Baby Girl and I are kindred spirits without a doubt. In fact Baby Girl coined my now well known name Baa. Not sure how she came to equate me with sheep, maybe it’s the hair? Maybe it’s the wool, the yarn, the shared love of sheep, our visit to the farm to see lambs when she first started to walk. Hard to say. This weekend Baby Girl, now two, quietly rummaged through my yarn, gave it some thought, tapped me on the shoulder and asked that I find her some yarn sticks. “YARN STICKS,” how perfect is that? Of course they’re yarn sticks, totally makes sense. Digging out a spare needle I handed her the yarn sticks and she excitedly propped herself up on the couch beside me where she happily wielded her yarn sticks in and out through the yarn until she triumphantly announced that she had finished her lollipop.  Desire to create starts young and never ceases to provide our spirits with joy!

Designs on perfection: spinning mind and yarn…


img_2516Two weeks into my garment’s design I’ve been fighting the urge to scrap everything. So bad was the compulsion to ditch and dash – halting one thing only to frantically start another, I nearly began spinning a different weight yarn. Stop the madness… right!
So in an attempt not to get too ADD-OCD  in the pursuit of perfection… IMG_2506a false state of being that keeps one running after something unattainable because frankly that apex of existence never exists anywhere at anytime, I pause. Oh for fuck’s sake…. I need to take a deep breath, get a grasp on reality… well at least as it pertains to hours in a day, skill set, reasonably wearable knitwear, and the 4 week deadline awaiting me at the end of this journey. Clearly I need to reevaluate what my sweater is about. While I love the design conceived earlier this month, the reality of knitting this bad-boy is far less attractive than the dreaming part. With a check on ambition and hubris, I’ve reined myself in and came up with something a little more doable… God willing…. please be willing!



WIndrush Fair Isle II

Brooklyn Tweed Sloped bind off- great for sleeveless garments

Such a pretty way to shape the sleeve bind off.  Slopes are always more graceful than edges. Remember when you asked why you needed to learn Math? This is why.

I’m preeeeetty sure the first time I ever encountered the Sloped Bind-Off was in a Brooklyn Tweed pattern (that has come up again so often lately, Bellows). Since then, I’ve used it everywhere it makes sense in my knitting, and in my own three sleeveless patterns: Anna Vest, Camellia Tank and Sloper (coming soon). It’s useful anywhere […]

via Hot Tip: Slope your bind-off — Fringe Association